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Filming a rainbow when suddenly.


what the fuck

We have to go back!!!

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‘The Last of Us’ to be performed live on stage in Los Angeles

Sony and Naughty Dog have announced a theatre performance of The Last of Us for a special one-night-only show.

For more details view the announcement trailer here.


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An Israeli soldier dies. You will know his name, his life story, within an hour. He had a family, friends, and hobbies. Several Palestinian children die. They will be numbers at the bottom of an article.

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so i asked my friend to photoshop a picture of waluigi over my boob so i could send it to the dumb boys that ask/have already asked me for nudes and the reactions are amazing






i think iv found my new favorite thing to do 

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That moment when

That moment when you miss being able to go to a WTNV live showing downtown because your mom is making you sign all sorts of contracts because you finally stood up to her.

That moment when you mom ruins everything you clean without even waiting a day.

That moment when you catch your mom snooping through all your things because she thinks you stole something from her over and over and over and over again.

That moment when you own mother trusts someone she doesn’t know to drive her car out of a driveway RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, after you had offered.

That moment when she gives you insane deadlines to complete tasks that require money to be completed, but you’ve shown her time after time that you are in a deficit and you cannot afford these things. She doesn’t budge.

that moment when all you can think about lately is when will she storm into my room next and start yelling again. when will i hear her yelling at my little brother again for small things. she doesn’t even wait for him to say anything, she doesn’t give first chances, she just defaults to yelling and pulling out some really abusive behavior and when I try to fight back she tells me the same thing over and over. “MY house, MY rules.” if I have to hear that again witho=in the next 24 hours i might just start walking and never come back because I cannot handle this anymore. I was doing fine without my meds but she says things like, “oh… but that’s what YOU think and what you think isn’t correct, gary” she always smiles when she’s yelling at me. like she enjoys it. I need to leave. I need to be safe.

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